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• May 22, 2000

A Jar of Hope, to Go By Samantha Miller

Cancer Survivor Vincene Parrinello Cooks Up Creams That Help Save Sick Skin:

Vincene Parrinello looked in the mirror during her second month of chemotherapy in 1991 and barely recognized herself. The 33-year-old breast-cancer patient’s cheeks had turned pallid, her skin “dry, ashen and leathery,” she recalls. She began caking her face with five concealers and spending hundreds of dollars on big-name skin-care lines. Nothing helped. In fact, one cream burned her now ultrasensitive skin. “I got frustrated,” Parrinello says. “I wanted to look healthy again. I didn’t want people to look at me like I wasn’t going to win this battle to get my life back.”

So the Escondido, Calif., pediatric nurse turned to her own kitchen stove. After poring over chemistry texts and swiping skin-care secrets from her grandmother, she brewed up a line of 17 epidermis-soothing potions for ill and healthy women alike that she named Hope Aesthetics. Made with non-irritating natural ingredients spiked with extracts from disease-fighting foods like grapes, apricots and spinach, the line did $1.4 million in sales last year. “She gave me hope,” says L.A. film writer-producer Kelly Gallagher, 37, a Hodgkin’s disease survivor. “My skin color changed. People would say, ‘You’re looking good.’ ”

Healthy women—including Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore and Jennie Garth—now make up 60 percent of the line’s buyers (the products, including Parrinello’s signature $38.50 BHW Hydrating Antioxidant Moisturizer, are sold via mail order and Web site,, and in spas and salons). The creams, says Susan Lucci, make her skin “feel smoother and more radiant.” But no customer has been more transformed than Parrinello herself, now 41 and cancer-free. Even before her own illness, cancer had devastated the Chicago native. She lost both her parents to the disease—mother Rose, a secretary, to breast cancer; father Arthur, a real-estate broker, to brain cancer—six weeks apart in 1983.

Deeply grieving, the then-nursing student, who had recently wed husband Michael, now 47, a Spanish teacher, lost 30 pounds in six weeks. “I would pass out in patients’ rooms,” she says. “I could smell death in everything.” Eight years later, doctors discovered that Parrinello too had cancer: A malignancy in her right breast had spread to her lymph nodes. The mother of two young sons (Christopher, now 16, and Nicholas, 13), she underwent a double mastectomy and nine months of intensive chemotherapy. Battling nausea, she threw herself into finding a salve for her ravaged skin.

She researched skin-friendly oils and quizzed her Sicilian-born grandmother Vincenzena Farina, who recalled that women in her family gave themselves facials by holding their faces over boiling water loaded with herbs and fruits. So Parrinello dragged her mother’s ravioli pot from a shelf—”That was my way of bringing my mom in to comfort me”—and boiled up the botanical soup she uses as a base for her products. Her 93rd batch of moisturizer was a keeper.

“I was able to go outside with only one concealer,” she says. “I was alive again.” In 1992, when a double-blind study Parrinello had commissioned found that 93 percent of her creams’ users saw significant changes in their skin, she decided to turn her discovery into a business. The going was rough. By 1997, Hope Aesthetics was $500,000 in the red, and Parrinello had to sell her wedding ring to pay the mortgage on her four-bedroom home. Word of mouth turned the tide.

Now, Parrinello employs eight and steers 5 percent of profits to Hope for Others, a charity that pays for such services as child care and housekeeping for families stricken by cancer. “How can I place an ad that’s going to cost 50 grand in Vogue when I know that there are 50 families about to lose their homes?” she asks. Her husband and friends, however, fret about Parrinello’s long hours. Chemotherapy left her with heart problems and a weak immune system. Nevertheless, “She’s such a go-getter,” says colleague Lupe Pesqueira, 44. On the drawing board are plans to create an ointment for burns and, next year, to take Hope public. “I have a chance with my company to embrace anyone who is hurting,” says Parrinello. “That’s what keeps me going.”

Samantha Miller Karen Brailsford in Escondido

Contributors:• Karen Brailsford.,,20131321,00.html

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Wai Hope Organic Skincare

Advanced Science Meets Innovative Organic, Holistic Formulating:Vincene’s, Hope in a Jar story, has taken her to seeking so much more than selling people skin care to bring vitality and beauty to their complexion. Her innovative, forward thinking and exploring ingredients with creative organic delivery systems could indeed be the inroad breakthrough that is needed in a more holistic approach to conquering or preventing cancer. The ingredients she has developed from using the Callophycus Serratus Red Fijian Seaweed along with the other red, brown and green seaweeds collected from around the world has clinical evidence that the properties in her proprietary blend is utilized by the cells and this is showing epidermal chromosomal DNA responding with significant signs of telomere lengthening at the end of the seventh day of treatment with her IRC Delivery System of the proprietary WAI Restructured Water of which the WAI Hope products are formulated with.

Visit wai hope organic skin care

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WAI DNA Science

Advanced Science Meets Innovative Organic, Holistic Formulating:

DNA Research Leads to Innovative Intracellular Communication Delivery System in WAI Hope Organic, Holistic Skin Care products….

Professional Product Line Sold Strictly Through Dermatology Offices, Med Spas, Reputable Integrative Medical- Naturopathic Practices

What are DNA Telomeres and how does WAI Hope’s IRC Delivery System influence the epidermal cells?

Telomerase is believed to be a major force in providing protection and stabilization to the telomere. Telomeres extend off the tip of the end of the DNA strand (visually resembles the plastic tips found on a shoelace).

Carol Greider discovered signs of enzymatic activity in a cell. She and Elizabeth Blackburn names that enzyme telomerase. They purified the enzyme and showed that is consisted of RNA (ribonucleic acid) as well as having a protein. Telomerase extends telomere DNA.

Scientists are now examining what the roles of the telomeres are in the life of cells. A shortening of the DNA telomere, as Blackburn proved, led to premature cellular aging. Functional telomeres instead prevent chromosomal damage and delay cellular aging.

Vincene Parrinello, the chief of research and development, patented, Gold Medal Winning Inventor and creator of WAI Hope Organic Skincare products has research that concludes chromosomal cells exposed to stress, medications and illness become disconnected and this disrupts the cells ability to transfer information to another cell, which Parrinello believes to be a component to mutations which cause auto immune diseases and cancer. “The cells are unable to communicate to each other, those cells involved in this loss are those with shortened or non existent telomeres. My research is finding that we can influence the well-being of the telomere through the delivery system we have achieved here. This may be the greatest advancement in treating various skin diseases and skin cancer. The research is very early, but nonetheless very exciting and I am going to further explore the potential activity of the WAI Restructured Water’s influence on chromosome activity,” states Vincene in a presentation to dermatologists.

Vincene’s, Hope in a Jar story, has taken her to seeking so much more than selling people skin care to bring vitality and beauty to their complexion. Her innovative, forward thinking and exploring ingredients with creative organic delivery systems could indeed be the inroad breakthrough that is needed in a more holistic approach to conquering or preventing cancer. The ingredients she has developed from using the Callophycus Serratus Red Fijian Seaweed along with the other red, brown and green seaweeds collected from around the world has clinical evidence that the properties in her proprietary blend is utilized by the cells and this is showing epidermal chromosomal DNA responding with significant signs of telomere lengthening at the end of the seventh day of treatment with her IRC Delivery System of the proprietary WAI Restructured Water of which the WAI Hope products are formulated with.

In 2009 Elizabeth Blackburn, Carol Greider and Jack Szostak won the Nobel Prize in Physiology for their discovery of “how chromosomes are protected by telomeres and the enzyme telomerase”.

Vincene Parrinello has been studying the change in chromosomal DNA of those with cancer, under stress or taking medications since 1992. Her knowledge and technology influences the way she has formulated the WAI Hope product line and explains why these products are tolerated by people with all skin types especially those with sensitive, compromised skin.

Information is from a RECAP written on the October 5, 2009 Press Release from the Nobel Prize Assembly at Karolinska Institute awarding the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine jointly to, Elizabeth H. Blackburn, Carol Greider and Jack W. Szostak.

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How Medical Treatments Can Effect Your Skin

Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy and Other Medical Treatments Effect Your Skin

These medications and treatments compromise the skin as they can change and interfere with the exchanging of information between the cells and the DNA of the cells are changed.

The extensive research and development of our products extended from our product creators personal battle against both breast and skin cancer. Appalled by ingredients used in other skin care products, including products that are targeting people with cancer, WAI Hope Organic Skincare was developed.  Doctors, nurses, skin care professionals, nutritionists, holistic healthcare practitioners are educated by our company on the WAI Hope product difference, starting with the WAI Restructured Water and what the harmful ingredients are that will never be used in our formulations, however, they are in 95% of the skin care products on the market.

An independent study conducted in our marketing research as well as the findings of the recent survey from CancerCare showed that nearly 85% of people with cancer are concerned about the influence and effects of medications to treat their cancer or other diseases on their skin AND also, how those effects play a role in the emotional side of battling a disease as serious as cancer, diabetes, lupus, multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy.

WAI Hope Organic Skincare products are not drugs, they are not medications requiring a prescription. They are not studied by the FDA, however, the products are manufactured in a USA FDA Organic Manufacturing Facility. This facility helps offset the possibility of cross contaminants of other harmful chemicals.  The WAI Hope Organic, Holistic Skincare products are organically formulated by Vincene Parrinello, in her laboratory located, researched for effectiveness, test marketed and then sent to production once a formula has been successfully approved by the consumer test base and masterfully developed. These are products which offer safer, effective alternatives to protecting, nourishing, nurturing, renewing, replenishing, regenerating and enhancing the skin compared to other brands made with petrochemicals (which suffocate the skin, inhibiting cellular respiration and inhibit the absorption of vitamins and nutrients in the skin care formula), parabens, ethanolamines (MEA, TEA, DEA), Sulfates, Formaldehydes (BHT, DMDM Hydantoin), Hydroquinone, Butylene and Propylene Glycols.

Many medications and treatments cause very specific skin conditions. WAI Hope Organic Skincare products help intensively hydrate, nourish and entrap moisture in the skin through a proprietary delivery system that Vincene Parrinello created to help relieve her own weakened, compromised skin following chemotherapy, surgery, coping with early menopause and sensitive skin that needed extra moisturizing and nourishment.  Parrinello utilized her nursing background to formulate this effective line and her extensive, eighteen year skin care research and development background to formulate this specialized line of WAI Hope Organic, Holistic Skincare.

We thank our oncology nurses for providing us with these common dermatological side effects of medications used to treat cancer.

The most common skin disorders or conditions that cancer patients seek care for are

Alopecia This is hair loss
Dermatitis A generalized term for skin that experiences an inflammatory, red, itchy
raised rash.
Dysesthesia “Feels like ants are crawling on my skin” sensation, a tingly feeling. It’s a
irritating feeling, not really painful. Often over the counter serums, lotions, or balms seem to help this resolve.
Edema Swelling or puffiness of the skin caused by an increase in interstitial fluid
Erythema Skin that appears inflamed and red
Erythrodysesthesia (hand-foot syndrome) Irritation, cracking and peeling of the skin on hands and feet
Fissures A small cut, similar to a paper cut, or break in the skin (without cause)
Hyperpigmentation A deepening or darkening of pigment in the skin in areas, causing
a blotchiness or uneven skin coloration. Can also take place on the nails during chemotherapy and spot the nails with brownish to darker brown spotting.
Radiation fibrosis Scar tissue resulting from radiation therapy
Radiation Recall A reaction to previously irradiated skin when chemotherapy is provided; the area that had been radiated often resembles a severe sunburn- that area itches, appears red and may even have a burning sensation.
Telangiectasia Dilated, surface blood vessels that appear as red, purple or blue spots on the skin. They are commonly found on the face, upper chest or neck.
Xerosis Dry skin
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Rare Ingredients

Rare ingredients found in WAI Hope™ and Proprietary Ingredients In WAI Hope™ Organic, Holistic Skincare Products..

Transforming Skin Organically Through Nature Complimented By Science™

Research and DevelopmentThe Basic to Skin Care Formulating:

The basic fundamental ingredient used by cosmetic chemists and formulators in developing a skin care product is purified or distilled water. THIS IS the WAI Hope™ Difference. Vincene Parrinello, the WAI Hope™ creator and President, formulated the organic WAI Hope products with the WAI Restructured™ Water , a specialized nutrient rich “Broth”. The trade secret delivery system of those microparticle nutrients in the WAI Restructured Water place the skin replenishing ingredients in the epidermal layer, saturating this protective outer layer with potent anti free radicals and DNA protective ingredients.

Getting the Ingredient Benefits to the Skin:

The unique delivery system found in the WAI Hope™ formulations is another proprietary, trade secret ingredient Vincene developed that actually reopens the line of communication between DNA compromised skin cells that have become weakened by medications, illness or stress. Inhibited DNA breaks down the cells ability to communicate information or exchange information between the cells let alone receive the properties of ingredients in a skin care formula and respond accurately to them, in many cases, those with compromised skin (those with DNA cell changes) become very sensitive or reactive to skin care.

An Apothecary of Skincare, former pediatric office nurse, patented inventor, Vincene Parrinello created Wai Hope Oganic Skincare products with pure ingredients, free of harmful chemicals and petrochemicals to initially to help her challenged complexion resulting from battling cancer, medications and entering menopause and to help other people with their skin care needs.

DNAThe Revolutionary Discovery that Led to the Development of the Gold Medal Therapeutic DermO2Zone™ Epidermal Cellular Infusion System and WAI Hope™ Organic Skincare
Vincene discovered that creating a skin care line with exceptionally healing ingredients, especially those she has been researching in depth such as the Red Fijian Callophycus Serratus Seaweed which has been added (in 2002) to a morning juice drink she has made for herself since battling cancer in 1991. The Callophycus Serratus Seaweed was introduced to her by a Fijian resident who claimed this seaweed had been revered by the Fijian people for it’s incredible effect on people that had experienced aging complications in their joints.

The Fijian claimed this seaweed “cleared up” the swollen joints and “cured” the people that had weak immune systems. Vincene purchased pounds of this rare seaweed and researched the properties in the seaweed intensely for years. She then harvested this seaweed in a controlled environment to replicate the seaweed host environment to avoid disrupting the actual reef on which this precious seaweed is growing. The research on this potent Bromophycollide has indicated to Vincene that the Fijian was indeed correct in stating that this seaweed has “magical abilities”. It has a unique ability to destroy cancer cells, bacteria and viral cells, changed from what is there now unlike any other seaweed. Today there is outside, independent pharmaceutical research being done on Callophycus Serratus and it’s Vincene’s hope that this ingredient proves to be a cancer curing or cancer preventing natural alternative in cancer treatments.

Red SeaweedIn addition to using the Red Fijian Seaweed as a main component of the WAI Restructured™ Water that the WAI Hope™ Organic Skincare products are made with, Vincene’s Hope in A Jar story continues with her passion fueling even more research into other seaweeds such as :
Red Hawaiian Seaweed, Pacific Northwest Kelp which has been called the richest kelp flora in the world. Hijaki seaweed found to stimulate T-Cells is believed to a large reason why the WAI Hope™ formulations are extremely effective in tackling residual scarring from skin cancer removals and acne.
Nori- a potent red seaweed found to suppress chemically induced tumors as Japanese research studies have determined
Wakame-a brown winged seaweed with 40% Fucoidan. Fucoidan protects the skin by stimulating the immune cells in the skin by inhibiting cancer-cell attachment and multiplication. This process then prevents tumors from making new blood vessels, and is clinically been shown to reduce tumor sizes by at least 50%. Our research of the Fucoidan used in our formulations showed topical application has wound healing properties, promoting virtual scarless healing in adult wounds (much more resistant to treatment), even when this was studied on those with skin prone to or having keloid scarring.
Sea Lettuce another sea botanical she has incorporated into the WAI Restructured™ Water is a brown seaweed that stimulates collagen and elastin production, regenerating skin cells.

Dulse another red seaweed is very high in Vitamin K which helps support capillary function.
Laminaria Kelp possesses anti carcinogenic properties also proven to prevent cancer. Red Marine Algae, also known as RMA, is a powerful anti viral agent high in Carrageenan.
Procheria hornaminyahae contains a natural cytoxin chemical that kills cancer (as documented in many Japanese research studies).
Sea Lettuce- stimulates collagen and elastin, increases circulation by dilating tiny capillaries in the skin’s surface, transporting nutrients and oxygen from deep within the skin’s surface.

PomegranateMore Uniquely Created Ingredients Developed for WAI Hope™ products are:

IRC Complex- made with nectars from Acai, Mangosteen, Goji, Noni, Pomegranate, Cranberry, Blackberries. Potent antioxidants that enrich the cells with high anti inflammatory, anti oxidant benefits, reducing damage to DNA.

Cactus Extracts- through their unique molecular structure act as organic microsponge delivery agents binding moisture and transporting skin replenishing ingredients for a time released basis in the skin, enhancing the absorption and benefits of the formulas.

These are just some of the highlighted ingredients that make the WAI Hope Organic Skincare products superior to other brands, delivering so much more than Hope In A Jar to those who apply the WAI Hope products on their skin, twice daily.

Vincene’s incredible story, Hope in A Jar, brings the promise that from the depths of despair, when faith remains present in one’s heart, mind and soul, hope thrives and miracles do happen.

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is developed by Patented Inventor and Gold Medal Inventor Recipient Vincene Parrinello who formulated and founder the former Hope Aesthetics product line and the new Wai Hope Organic Skincare products naturopathic, trade secret, patented formulations with an advanced, hydro-organic, micro particle delivery system that targets the innermost layer of the epidermis, the basal layer. With it’s formulary trade secreted, reconstructed, biomarine waterTM , featuring a rare Red Fijian Seaweed and Brazilian Rainforest Super-antioxidant fruit juices. This BiomarineTM water replaces the “water” phase in our skin care formulation, which is the main ingredient of all skin care formulas.

Wai Hope’s Biomarine waterTM is a unique restructured water ,containing the exclusive red Fijian seaweed, Callophycus Serratus, that has been used by Vincene Parrinello, for the last 7 years. This rare seaweed, has impressive independent clinical studies showing it has anticancer, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties. Parrinello ‘s formulations with this incredible seaweed has helped her overcome challenges with her health and skin. A study of the epidermal infusing, professionally administered DermO2ZoneTM was so impressive, that in June 2007, the system was taken to the largest invention trade show where it took the highest award, the Gold Medal, in the Therapeutic Category after convincing the skeptical judges who, after receiving the DermO2ZoneTM treatment became believers in the restorative properties from the unique ingredients and the delivery of those ingredients into the skin. The Wai HopeTM products are made with the “WAI Restructured Water”, which is our Biomarine Water that has been enhanced through our proprietary ozonation process.

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The first of a kind skin care in the world

Scientists have long known that there is a secret to life in the sea. The human body begins its development in a saline solution in the womb (the unprocessed sodium in seaweed is incredibly similar to that of amniotic fluid) and it’s nourished and cleansed by the blood, which virtually has the same composition of sodium as sea water.

An analysis of sea water shows that it contains an average of 31% dissolved mineral salts; human blood contains 34%. 70% of the human body is water. 70% of the planet’s surface is ocean.

There is no mistake that focusing on the enhancement of cosmetic chemistry, the primary ingredient the water, and its delivery into the skin must be significant in order to have formulations that will have dramatic positive effects on the skin.

Wai Hope Organic Skincare Pioneering a new revolution in formulary organic cosmetic science hydro -dermaceuticals TM product development.

San Diego, CA

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